Formic Aicd

Product Name: Formic acidMethanoic acid
Molecular Formula:CH2O2
Molecular Weight: 46.03
Cas No:64-18-6
Properties: At normal temperature, it is a clear, colorless liquid with characteristic, pungent odor. Its density is 1.2201(20/4), melting point is 8.6,boiling point is 100.8, flash point in open cup is 68.9 and auto-ignition temperature is 601.1.It can be mutually dissolved with water, ethanol and glycerol. It is corrodible and reducible.
Quality standard: GB/T2093-93

Index item Qualified grade Excellent grade
formic acid ,% 85 90
acetic acid,% <0.6 <04
Chroma (as platinum and cobalt) ,% 10 10
Dilution experiment (acid+water=1+3) clear clear
Chloride (as CL ),% 0.005 0.003
Sulfate (as SO4 ,%) 0.002 0.001
Iron (as Fe ),% 0.0005 0.0001

Usage: Formic acid is a kind of basic material in organic chemicals. It is widely used in pesticides industry , leather industry, medicine industry, rubber industry, printing and dyeing industry and chemical industry. In medicine field, it can be used as partial irritant medicine, astrictives and ointments. It is also an important material for the production of Metamizole Sodium, Metronidazole, caffeine, aminophenazonum, borneol and vitamine B1. In pesticides industry, formic acid can be used to make pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity such as vermifuge, triadimefon and triadimefon. In leather industry, it can be used to produce the tanning agent, deliming agent and neutralisation agent. In chemical industry, it is used to produce ammonium formate, N,N-dimethyl formamide, kinds of formate brines, anti-aging agent and so on. In rubber industry, it can act as flocculation agent, mordant, dye, treatment agent, plasticizer of fibre and paper, and additive of animal beverage.

Packing: Plastic barrel packing 25KG, 30KG, 250KG tank car.

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